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Diabetes and foot care statistics

Daily foot care is critical for persons with diabetes. But did you know that many persons with diabetes are not aware of the importance of foot care?

Here are some statistics about diabetes and foot care:1,2

  • 46% of people said they had never received any information on foot care and diabetes
  • 52% of people said they never checked inside their shoes or socks for pressure points or foreign objects
  • 73% of people said they never used a mirror to examine all areas of their feet
  • 61% of people said they did not check their feet on a daily basis
  • 12% of people said they never checked their feet
  • 16% of people did not know they had no feeling in their feet at time of survey and had a high risk of serious foot problems

The Canadian Association of Wound Care (CAWC) has developed a group of tools for persons with diabetes, their families and their caregivers.

Click on any link at the side of this page to view the different tools and take action now to look after the health of your feet!


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