PEP Talk

Welcome to PEP Talk

Welcome to PEP Talk

The Canadian Association of Wound Care (CAWC) has developed a peer education program (PEP) called PEP Talk, an innovative workshop program funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), for persons with diabetes. Regular workshops are being held in communities in each province. Each workshop is led by a Peer Leader — a person with diabetes — partnered with a leading Healthcare Professional. These volunteer teams are specially trained to help you learn to care for your feet.

PEP Talk lets you learn how to care for your feet from someone like you — a person who lives with diabetes. 

Foot care and diabetes management 

Looking after your feet properly is an important part of managing diabetes. Yet research has found that many persons with diabetes do not know how to:1,2

  • Look after their feet
  • Prevent foot ulcers
  • Get proper care if they do develop a foot ulcer

As a result, persons with diabetes may suffer foot ulcers unnecessarily. 

Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You

Prevent foot problems — learn strategies to help you look after your feet


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