Diabetes PEP Talk

A closer look at your foot

It is important for people with diabetes to check the tops and bottoms of their feet. Daily foot exams are an important part of your daily routine to identify any problems. A closer look at your foot can help guide you to identify some of the issues you need to look out for.

Start now and prevent Diabetic foot ulcers!

Diabetes Healthy Feet and You

Diabetes Healthy Feet and You was developed by the Canadian Association of Wound Care with the support of Public Health Agency of Canada. This multimedia program will provide you with information and education on effective self-monitoring, prevention and early detection of diabetic foot ulcers and other foot complications. Review the resources on Diabetes Healthy Feet & You, to learn how you can look after your feet and prevent foot problems related to diabetes.

Diabetes Healthy Feet and You

PEP Talk workshops

PEP Talk lets you learn how to care for your feet from someone like you - a person who lives with diabetes.

PEP Talk workshops are educational support groups for Persons with Diabetes that you and your loved one can attend.

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Find Help in your community

Did you know that there are many places in your community that can help you to manage your Diabetes and foot health?

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